Warning signs Lessons Note subject 2

Warning signs are divided into four digestible parts. This is part 2.

Warning signs let drivers know that road changes are coming up on the drive. These can be permanent or temporary traffic hazards and obstacles. Some signs have new versions with fluorescent green/yellow colour (pedestrian crossing ahead for example).

Crossroad intersection Crossroad intersection on a curve on left/right T-intersection

This sign indicates that the road you are driving on ends, and you must give way to all traffic.

Side road intersection from left/right Staggered side road intersection, first from left/right T-intersection beyond a curve on left/right Priority side intersection from left/right Priority crossroad intersection Modified side road intersection left/right Mpdified T-junction left/right Modified crossroad intersection left/right Prepare Stop Stop Sign ahead Give Way Sign ahead Divided Road End Divided Road Merging Traffic left/right Added Lane left/right Added Lane Left Lane Ends Lane Allocation ahead(Three-way traffic)

This sign indicates that you will have two lines of oncoming traffic ahead

Two-way Traffic ahead On Side Road left/right Merge Right One Lane Distance (kilometres/metres) Aged/Blind/Disabled Crossing Ramp On Bridge When Frosty When Wet/Frosty Under Showd Limited Width Warning Sonraki Ünite
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