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Electronic driver assist systems can assist the driver but aren’t able to prevent a crash or loss of control of the car on their own. You must know what these systems are and how to enable or disable them in your vehicle.

Anti-locking Braking Systems (ABS)

ABS help control the braking force to prevent skidding in poor/slippery conditions and under heavy braking. You can feel a pulse/shudder on the brake pedal when the ABS is activated. Maintain braking power if a quick stop is needed.

Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)

The EBA provides emergency braking assistance by automatically increasing the brake force to minimise the stop

Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

ESC helps to prevent skidding and running of the road by applying brakes to individual wheels when detecting instability and over-steering. ESC is particularly helpful in maintaining control of your vehicle on slippery roads.

Dashboard Lights

When something is wrong with your vehicle, a light get's activated on your dashboard to help you pinpoint the problem. Don't ignore them - some of these lights could indicate a serious malfunction in the vehicle's system. For example, a low brake-fluid level could cause a crash due to the brakes not working correctly.

Different dashboard colours have a different meaning:

  • Red = resolve the issue or get assistance immediately
  • Yellow = something is wrong and should be resolved
  • Green/Blue = something is on (e.g. high-beam headlights activated)

Some common dashboard lights

Battery/Charging Alert.

Indicates that the voltage level is below normal and that the charging system isn't functioning properly

Coolant Temp Warning.

Indicates the temperature is higher than normal.

Oi,l Pressure Warning.

Indicates a loss of oil pressure. Check the oil level and pressure

Engine Warning.

Indicates there's a problem with the engine that requires diagnosis by a professional

ESP Fault.

Indicates there's a problem with the Electronic Stability System

Brake System

Indicates one of three possible conditions related to the braking system. (1) ABS, (2) low brake fluid or (3) the parking brake is on

ABS Light

Indicates a problem with the ABS that needs professional diagnosis

Airbag Fault

Indicates there's a problem with the airbag system

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