Driving in tunnels Lessons Note

Driving in tunnels can be dangerous as it’s an enclosed space. Look for speed limit signs and drive to the conditions. Tunnels usually have variable speed limits (e.g. lower limits in congested/heavy traffic).

Also, look for and obey safety/traffic info from variable message and lane control signs.

Keep a longer following distance when driving in tunnels

Safety precautions:

  • Turn on the radio - there may be systems in the tunnel that communicate safety and traffic info via radio
  • Turn on headlights to increase visibility
  • Maintain an adequate following distance
  • Never overtake or change lanes. If overtaking a vehicle is unavoidable, make sure that you are clear of traffic and it’s safe
  • Never drive in closed lanes
  • Never reverse in a tunnel
  • Never enter a tunnel if low on fuel
  • Never stop except in emergencies or if directed by a tunnel controller
  • Never enter a tunnel if you think that the car might break down

Vehicle breakdown in a tunnel

In case of a breakdown, turn on the hazard lights and listen for any instructions on the radio. Try to drive out of the tunnel even if your vehicle is damaged.

Stay in your vehicle unless you must get out. If you must leave the vehicle, be alert for traffic and move to the walkway or a safe place. Don’t stand behind your vehicle.

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