Give Way Lessons Note subject 4

T-intersections are where two roads meet and one of them ends. The general ‘Give Way’ rules don’t apply at T-intersections. The vehicle travelling on the terminating road must give way to all traffic and crossing pedestrians on the continuing road unless otherwise signed.

While the roads don’t always form a regular T-shape, the rules still apply.

Car B is on the terminating road and must give way to car A

The continuing road can sometimes go around a corner. If so, the continuing road will be marked by a broken white line.

A driver must signal to leave the continuing road and enter the terminating road. You must still signal and give way according to the rules, even if you enter the terminating road by driving straight ahead over the broken white lines.

The continuing road curves to the sides in both (1) and (2). Both of these vehicles must indicate as they are leaving the continuing road unite-3
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