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NSW DKT Practice

Studying this course will prepare you to ace your Learners Test on the first try, broaden your knowledge of WA road rules, and increase your driving confidence. The more knowledge you have, the safer you are.

Benefits of taking this course

This course is a complete study material, meaning itís all you need.

  • The app replaces the book - it includes a summarised and engaging version of the WA Drivers Handbook
  • Each chapter includes a bite-sized part of the theory, followed by questions that quiz you on what youíve just read
  • Every question is written to be very similar to those on the real test
  • Every question comes with a detailed explanation to help you understand why an answer is correct or wrong
  • Includes hundreds of pictures and illustrations to help you learn by seeing

All in all, using this app will help you remember the road rules in the fastest and easiest manner possible. Guaranteed.

Pictures and illustrations prepare you for real-life traffic situations you may encounter as a driver

Who is this course intended for?

This course is perfect if you want yo:

  • Learn how to drive
  • Study for your learners or practical driving test
  • Freshen up your knowledge

How the app works

The app uses bite-sized chapters to make it easy for you to study just a few minutes each day and still make great progress. As you complete a chapter, the next chapter will unlock.

Study any time, anywhere

Some quiz questions are left out of the theory by design. By having to guess some of the quiz questions, you will learn more effectively!

Incorrectly answered questions are looped throughout the chapters until you have answered correctly. The looping helps you learn the question bank faster.

Can you prep using questions only?

Yes! Just click on the "SKIP TO TEST" button under the top picture at the beginning of each chapter. If you at any point want to read the corresponding theory for a deeper understanding, you can go back and read it.

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