Roadwork sites Lessons Note

Road works often have reduced speed limits and one or several closed lanes. Pay attention to signs and message boards that warn you of the changed road conditions ahead.

When approaching a work zone, slow down to a safe speed which enables you to stop if you must - both for your own sake and for the safety of workers on or near the road.

Obey temporary signs

Before road works, you can come upon large flashing arrows in the middle of the road indicating that you must merge lanes and slow down as a result of hazards ahead.

The flashing yellow arrow indicates that you must merge and slow down

Temporarily reduced speed limits are erected to ensure that traffic travels through the site at safe speeds.

Driving at reduced speed at work sites is important because

  • The roads may have uneven road surfaces
  • The roads may be narrower than usual (i.e. fewer lanes)
  • The roads may be unsafe at normal speeds due to the repairs being done (e.g. loose gravel on the roads or sharp turns)
  • It creates a safer environment for drivers and road workers that may work out of sight on or near the road
  • Large vehicles may occupy parts of the road (e.g. when relocating utilities)
  • Mobile road work jobs are dangerous, and reduced speeds increase safety

Respect and obey temporary signals, any temporary traffic lights and all signals from a traffic controller. Give way to all workers!

There are many different signs used at roadworks. Below are a number of them.

You should be prepared to slow down due to changed road conditions ahead This sign is used where machinery is working on the road This sign indicates there are workers on the road ahead and that you should slow down and proceed with care This sign is used to warrn motorists of hazards ahead. It's only used for emergency purposes, so slow down and proceed Prepare to Stop There will be temporary traffic signals ahead The horizontal bars indicate the closed lane(s) End Roadwork This sign indicates the road has hazardous road surface conditions ahead. Keep this in mind and adjust your driving accordingly Be aware that there are loose stones and gravel on the road surface and that it may be best to avoid overtaking another vehicle on this stretch of road This sign indicates you should slow down
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