Speed cameras Lessons Note

Speed cameras are used at locations where there is crash potential or that are otherwise difficult to monitor.

The 4 types of speed cameras in NSW:

  1. Fixed speed cameras - used at high-risk locations (e.g. school zones, tunnels and motorways), or locations with a crash history
  2. Mobile speed cameras - can be played anywhere.
  3. Point-to-point speed cameras - calculate the average speed between 2 points. A speeding infringement is issued if the average speed is higher than the speed limit of the road.
  4. Red-light speed cameras - primarily used at high-risk intersections to detect speeding and red light offences. The camera will only take a photograph if you cross the stop lime once the light has turned red. It won't activate if you're already in the intersection or entering on a yellow light.

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)

ANPR technology instantly verifies the registration details of the vehicle and assists in identifying unregistered vehicles. ANPR helps to identify stolen cars and false number plates.

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