Traffic lights Lessons Note

About half of all crashes occur at intersections. Obey the rules and drive carefully.

Approach traffic lights at a speed that allows you to stop if the colour changes before you reach the intersection.

Try not to be caught in the middle of an intersection when the traffic lights change. You should stay on the approach side until you see a big enough gap in your lane on the other side.

Car B shouldn't enter the intersection until there is enough space on the other side

Green light - Enter the intersection and proceed carefully.

Yellow light - You must stop, unless unable to do so safely.

Sometimes it's not safe to stop if a driver is crossing as the light turns yellow. You are then advised to continue driving through the intersection.

Red light - You must stop. Don’t enter the intersection.

A green, yellow and red traffic light

A turning vehicle must give way to pedestrians who are crossing the road it's turning into, even if the pedestrian isn’t facing a green ‘walking figure’.

Where should you stop?

There are traffic lights with and without stop lines:

  • Traffic lights with stop line - you must stop just before the stop line.
  • Traffic lights without stop line - you must stop before the traffic light.

Traffic lights with arrows

Arrows are used to control turning traffic:

  • If the arrow is green, you may proceed in the given direction
  • It the arrow is red, you must stop and wait for it to turn green or disappear entirely.
  • If the arrow is flashing yellow, you're allowed to proceed carefully but must give way to traffic travelling on the road you are entering as well as pedestrians crossing the road.

Turning right at traffic lights

Unless otherwise indicated by a sign or red right turn arrow:

  • Drive into the intersection as you are beginning your right turn
  • Keep your wheels straight and don’t block oncoming traffic
  • Wait for traffic to clear, or if you see a safe break in traffic, and then make a safe turn

You’re allowed to remain in the middle of an intersection even if the lights turn to yellow or red. Don’t panic, but make your right turn as soon as safe.

When you’re turning right at traffic lights, you must give way to:

  • oncoming vehicles
  • other vehicles (including turning vehicles) and pedestrians still in the intersection after the last light change
Car A must give way to car B and the pedestrian/cyclist crossing the road

Malfunctioning traffic lights

Due to errors in the system, traffic lights can sometimes have a flashing yellow traffic light or arrow, or not work at all. You may drive past the light, but proceed with caution and apply the 'give way' rules like at an uncontrolled intersection to avoid a collision.

Don’t confuse malfunctioning lights with pelican lights.

Malfunctioning traffic lights

Pelican signals

Pelican crossings have an additional phase compared to normal traffic lights - a yellow flashing phase. When the light is flashing yellow, you may proceed but must drive carefully and give way to pedestrians. Don’t confuse pelican lights with malfunctioning traffic lights.

Traffic lights for trams, buses and bicycles

This traffic light has an individual light for buses

White T or B lights on black background apply only to trams (T) and buses (B), and signal that the tram or bus may proceed. Some traffic lights also have green, yellow and red bicycle lights that apply only to cyclists.

Police directions

You must obey any directions from a police officer or other authorised person. They often give hand signals at intersections.

Special ‘STOP’ sign

A ‘STOP’ sign with 3 black dots is only seen at traffic lights and means that you must obey the ‘STOP’ sign only if the lights are flashing yellow or not working.

‘Left Turn On Red Permitted After Stop

'Left turn on red' sign

This sign indicates that you are permitted to make a left turn on red after coming to a full stop, but you must give way to all traffic on the road you are turning into

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